Saturday, May 13, 2006

Star LRT

I was on a walkabout in Taman Bukit Komanwel (Commonwealth Hill Park) and stumbled upon the Star LRT (Light Rail Transit) tracks running through. I posted myself on a hillside and waited for the next train to come by. The idea was to practice "panning" my shots on moving objects to get a blurred effect on the background while maintaining sharpness on the subject itself.

It's no easy task for a beginner like me, but so far I've seen some improvements after lots of practice. It's not perfect...but I'm slowly getting there. :)


Genevieve said...

I think you're doing quite well for being a "beginner". Time to give yourself a promotion. :)

Federico Perazzoni said...


It's nice....

CameraDawktor said...

I think I can I think I can.....

Levin said...




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