Friday, May 05, 2006


Jack is a mixed breed male, and happens to be my dog's brother. A close friend of mine adopted Jack, so I have many opportunities to visit and see how Jack's doing.


Johnny Doe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ariella said...

HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

aby cott said...

I love the dog!!!!!!!!!!!

alison koh said...

EeEe... doggie jack! me wanna hug jack jack. soooo cute

zelle said...

hi! i like your site a lot! i linked it in my always looking forward to your post everyday since january. :)

in the philippines, the common name for dogs is bantay which means 'guardian'.

Levin said...

johnny: thanks for the tip. i'll look into it.

zelle: cool! nice knowing ya. and thanks for teaching me something today.

cheers all. :)

MINA said...

hello` found your blog~ well just accidently opened~ wow`
love Jack! wanna stroke him~

------------from south korea mina



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