Monday, May 08, 2006

The Distorted Tower

One of the Petronas Twin Towers reflecting off the glass of another building nearby. The wavy and uneven surface of the glass created a distorted effect on the tower.


Mottel said...

Very nice . . .

CameraDawktor said...

This photo is amazing! Do you have a flickr page? You should really put it up there. Awesome!

reno said...

Hello !

greetings from Belgium !



Chas Ravndal said...

looks very nice!

tinkerfaerie said...

That's a cool one :)

Idham said...

hai there...stumbled into ur blog..
really love the pictures..the normal things but seen from ur lenses...put in a unique perpestive only u understood...
keep it up!

idham<--i look at life not with camera lenses, but with eyes from my heart!

Bob phat said...

That's neat I would never been able to do anything like that. WOW!

Curly said...

That's a really original image, a very unusual perspective!
Greetings from South Shields

Patty said...

Hi, how is t going?
I love the pictures you have posted in your blog, you should put a gallery.
It is amazing all you have done.

Levin said...

thanks every1. glad you appreciate my efforts.

patty: yes i have a gallery. it's actually more like an online portfolio. you can browse to if you'd like to see it.

cheers! :)

Bart said...




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