Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pedestrian Bridge

A pedestrian bridge connecting Taman Bukit Komanwel (Commonwealth Hill Park) to ... err ... uh-oh ... I don't know where it connects to because I didn't walk across to the other side. *sheepish*


Alexa Nickels said...

Interesting blog. Keep it up.

Alexa Nickels, a.k.a. "Miss Residual"
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Marsha said...

This is a neat bridge. Walked to the other side and take a picture from there.

CameraDawktor said...

That's beautiful!

Eisenreich said...

Great pictures!

The Informant said...

Interesting bridge, it looks very serene and peaceful.

Nice pics on your blog, by the way.

Penrick said...

This bridge has got to be added on my to do list. Simply breathtaking.

Tanginika-Simone said...

Love the perspective of the picture and what makes you feel when you look at it.

oakland heidi said...

I love this.... especially the golden light reflections on the roof.



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