Friday, April 07, 2006


The flowers were facing the lake, as if longing to cross to the other side.


LifeAsItGoes said...

I love your photos and am a follower of your blog.

I'm in the midst of preparing a workbook for some students and would like to use some of your photos.

I'm quite a newbie to this...but I understand that as long as I attribute your website, I can use your photos

Can you confirm if it's ok.


Levin said...

i'm glad you approve of my photos.

yes you may use my photos as long as your usage complies with the terms and conditions in the Creative Commons License (viewable at the bottom of my website).

if you're gonna give the workbook to students for free, then you may use the photos. but if the workbook is for sale, we'll need to come up with a separate license contract.

hope this helps. :)

LifeAsItGoes said...

The workbook is at cost recovery. No profit is involved. Teacher cannot make $$$ from students la!

BTW, I may need to crop the pix a bit to emphasize my point.

If you'll let me have your email, I'll send you the attachment to show you wat I mean.


Genevieve said...

I like the flowers and your interpretation of their thoughts. They almost seem to be reaching out with their arms in their desire to go to the other side.



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