Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chinese Restaurant

This is a view of a typical chinese restaurant. Stalls are set up along the sides of the restaurant, each offering a particular type of food. Customers walk up to their stall of choice and make their orders. The food is then cooked very quickly on the spot and served hot.

Each of these stalls usually specialise in not more than four recipes. Having many stalls in a single restaurant thus gives customers a wide choice of food to choose from.

The owners of restaurants such as this one only serves drinks. The stalls are let out to entrepreneurs looking to run a small food business with little overhead.

The speed at which the food is cooked and served, as well as the variety of choices makes chinese restaurants such as the one pictured an attractive prospect for a quick, fuss-free meal.


Mitch said...

interesting blog! You might find mine worth looking at too, especially if you like music and/or technology. Just click on my name or icon. :)

Myra Langerhas said...

Man you like to take pictures of silly places. That is wack

Levin said...

myra: uh-huh...i've seen your blog too. *roll-eyes*

alison koh said...

heyy... looks familiar... nice shot, but missed out the ai-ke-ke. :)



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