Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sugar Cane

A stack of sugar canes arranged neatly to be used for making sugar cane juice. This photo was captured in Sentul, Selangor, Malaysia.


Jessica said...

Cool photo.

JohnJohn1186 said...

random sugar cane o_o

. said...

love how you write about your pics...

"Un-updated" Marko said...

Beautifull photo!! And nice web, I like specially the coments about Malaysia!!

Zennia said...

I love photography. Your pictures are lovely. (:

357martini said...

Are they gonna make rum with it?

Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Cool texture. I can almost taste sweet.

AMM said...

your photos are lovely. i like the carport one the best, i think, but they all have a nice live, geometric feel.

w.y. said...

your pictures reflect what you said in your discription--photography ... anywhere, anyhow. Try to learn something from you at
Hope you never mind!

Levin said...

357martini: heheh, i seriously doubt it.

w.y.: i dont mind at all. wish you all the best! :)

dj said...

man i love that stuff



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