Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Kid On The Block

Mama-Cat gave birth to five cute kittens on Boxing Day 2005. And here's one of the scaredy-cats seeing my wife and I for the first time since they were born.


CE Reid said...

The kitty picture looks like he will definitly grow on you. I can't show my wife the pic. She'll want to adopt him. She hated cats before we met, but we have had 2 which she sometimes gives more attention to our cat, named Adventure, than me :-)

Have a Great Day!!

E.L.A.i said...

awww... cute... ^_^

afzal soukaina said...

hi can will be friend
this my blog i will be very happy if u write to me

gnome said...

Cuter than a baby gnome indeed. Thanks for a great photo. Cheers

Tiara said...

Pretty cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I've had a cruddy day and seeing this little face has cheered me up immensely!!


Steve Middleton said...

I'm in love!

Wino McHackenpuke said...

That cat looks delicious!

pony said...

you should send that to

MelaCane said...

it's pretty!
i love cats!

Amy Christina said...

Awww I really want a kitten! Im trying to pursuade my parents to let me get one. I've tried things like...
'Aw but please! I've got no friends!' and
'I promise I'll train it!'
Any suggestions??

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