Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jeram Gading

Jeram Gading (Gading Rapids) is located 23 kilometres outside of Kuala Klawang. It is believed that elephant tusks were found here a long time ago, which led to its name.

There are many large rocks and boulders in the area. It is believed that Jeram Gading used to be a resting area of many ancient Malayan diginitaries who travelled between Jelebu and Pahang.


w e n l i said...

Hi. I like all ur pics. Please post more!! Thanks =)

flingdeblete said...

lo más bonito de lo sintético de un ordenador, es que con tus imágenes nos muestres lo bello insuperable de la naturaleza, Gracias

jRiegert said...

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Nice pics, you are very talented eye.

Anonymous said...


that's all i can say.



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