Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dramatic Skies

This photo was recently published in Digital Camera Magazine (Malaysia, October 2006 issue) and won the monthly Mission Contest for the theme "Dramatic Skies", beating 10 other contestants (whose photos were also published) to the prize. The stark contrast between the bright and dark areas of the sky was slightly adjusted in Photoshop, giving the viewer an impression of some sort of cataclysmic event.

From the magazine: Why this won: This image is an awesome sight. It reminds us of the scene during the appearance of the alien invasion from the movie "ID4" (Independence Day). It's a picture that stands out from the crowd and attracts anyone to take a closer look.

I couldn't have described it any better than that. :)



good picture

Anonymous said...

Nice image!

Anonymous said...


Gobody said...

Very impressive picture, I love it. No wonder it won.

Anonymous said...

Love your photo, I am an artist Ihave started recently taking photoshop and
illusrator as well hopefully I will come up with some good ideas for the murals I paint so far the class has been pretty tough I do better with a brush brenda

Anonymous said...

wow, i have never seen a sky so beautiful like that with my own eyes. you did a great job capturing it.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing


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