Sunday, January 15, 2006

Adieu, Sunshine

Pantai Bagan Lallang, Malaysia - It's the middle of the monsoon season, and getting a decent shot of a sunset is difficult at best. But with a little bit of luck, I managed something rather rare. A reddish hue cast over the seaside as the sun began to set behind clouds over the horizon.


troy said...

great entries with great pictures. I'd like to link your blog to mine, do you mind?

Knight Of The Storms said...

like blogs that give you glimpse of little things life is made of
good job :)

Lashan said...

I Love your picture it's beautiful

Anselmo said...

Hey Levin,

I like your photos. I like the way you are so honestly and earnestly exploring photography. Go for it, mate, you're taking excellent shots. What're you doing in Malaysia?

Keep it up,

Levin said...

troy: by all means (i hope you don't mind if i link to you too). :)

knight & lashan: thanks. :)

anselmo: at the moment, i'm working in a small private college, but i'm trying to break out of it. photography is one alternative i'm seriously exploring. and thanks for the encouragement. :)

Steven said...

Nice photograph.



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